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Project Management is increasingly seen as the way to do business in commercial and public organisations. While project work can be exhilarating and exciting, it is also, by its nature, pressurised and at times uncertain and messy.

People, Projects and Change provides a succinct and systematic approach to setting up and running projects. The authors combine the hard wiring discipline of project management with the more subtle psychology associated with change. They do so with pragmatism that is born of many years experience as successful consultants and project managers.

People Projects and Change is written for you as a project manager, a team member or a project advisor. It helps you think through your project from beginning to end, so you will

  • know what you need to negotiate with your clients and sponsors.
  • feel more confident about how you will achieve the desired end results.
  • see clearly how to work effectively with team members and those outside of the project
  • know what to keep an eye on

The book is ideal for those hard pressed managers seeking practical help without being swamped. Each chapter sets out principles, methods and tools with illustrations provided through real life case studies.

ISBN 0-9550411-2-0

Published by Premium Publishing
June 2006

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